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DSP Software Engineer

Required skills: 
• Expert at C,C++,Assembly;
• Experience developing high-performance software using data-level (SIMD, Neon, AVX, SSE) parallelism;
• Knowledge of VLIW, SIMD CPU architectures;
• Understanding of compiler technologies and optimizing code;
•Experience with software optimization and performance tuning tools and techniques.

Would be a plus: 
• Experience with STL, Boost, Googletest;
• C/C++ build systems and compilers;
• Working experience of TDD/CI and Jenkins;
• Digital Signal Processing background;
• Experience in float-point to fixed-point algorithm/math conversions;
• At least Intermediate level of English. 
English level — spoken or requiring a few months of practice to become spoken.

Core Responsibilities: 
• Optimization, porting, development, support of baseband (LTE, WiFi, WCDMA PHY) algorithms and libraries for SDR-oriented DSP platforms.

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